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This is a specialty jar designed to keep odor inside. As you close, air is forced out thus creating a vacuum. You Press the button on the lid allowing the air out. Jar will only open when you press the button and allow air inside to release the top from the base. Retail- store packs are available. Each comes with 6 individually boxed We-Jars. Call for details.


When you’re ready to upgrade your product storage techniques, consider the We Jar. This ultimate solution not only keeps air out, but it keeps the smell in also. The vacuum sealed container keeps product fresher for longer and prevents your whole room from smelling like your product. The jar itself has plenty of room to store product. At such an affordable price, you can’t go wrong with the We Jar smell proof container. The We Jar provides users with:


  • Long-lasting flavor

  • Plenty of room

  • Smell-proof concealment


Taste is a vital piece of any session, and the We Jar ensures your product will retain its full flavor until you’re ready to use it. Oxygen exposure can quickly turn any herb stale, rendering the session bland and unsavory. Just like many foods and drinks do if exposed to air, smoking products degrade or interact with the oxygen in a way that chemically changes the structure and flavor. Most users want to keep their product fresh for as long as possible, especially the more expensive kinds. With the We Jar, you won’t have to worry about using it all before it goes stale. Instead, you can leisurely enjoy your stash at your own pace. The button on the lid of the We Jar pushes all of the air out, and the vacuum seal keeps it out. The lid only releases when the user presses the button again to allow air flow into the jar.


The We Jar is constructed primarily of acrylic, which means it won’t interfere with the flavor of your product at all. It is inert, which makes it a great material for smoking, eating, drinking, and cooking with. Extreme temperatures don’t affect the interactive properties of jar, so you won’t have to worry about your product absorbing extra chemicals or flavors from your We Jar smell proof herb container. Since we like the ability to view our product before smoking, the We Jar is constructed of clear acrylic. This means it won’t completely protect from UV rays. To truly keep your product safe, we suggest storing in a dark place away from sunlight.


This jar has plenty of room for your large stash, but still won’t let small stashes go stale either. Other containers either provide very little room, or they have too much room and trap air inside with the product. The vacuum seal on the We Jar ensures that no matter how much product is being stored, none of it will go stale before your next session.


One of the most important characteristics of the We Jar is its smell-proof concealment. The WE*JAR’s construction paired with the vacuum ability function together to make a truly smell-proof container. No matter how much you love your herb, you may not want everything you own to smell like it too. That’s why we’ve created a high-quality container at an affordable price. Some containers boast of smell-proof capabilities, but this jar really delivers. Just look at the reviews for proof! We know you won’t be disappointed with this jar.



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